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Unleashing the potential of the children of Otara

Pacifica children playing instruments

Sistema Aotearoa is a child and youth development programme making a significant difference in the Otara community of Māori and Pasifika families. Their vision is to improve the wellbeing of children, fostering confidence, leadership and aspiration through orchestral music-making - something not always readily available or accessible for this group - and unleashing their potential along the way.

Sistema Aotearoa is proud to be introducing music and the development of musical proficiency and educational excellence for nearly 500 Pasifika and Māori young people in South Auckland – all through orchestral music-making.

With generous support from the Freemasons Foundation, Sistema has been able to continue to positively impact and transform the lives of many young people, their whānau and their communities. They are continuing activities and presenting events and performances throughout the year – and hope that anyone interested feels welcome to attend.

The next event on the calendar is: 1. A side-by-side performance with the APO on Saturday 19th of August

2. Hui Taurima on Thursday 32rd November.

To find out more about Sistema Aotearoa visit


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