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Diabetes – New Zealand’s most serious long-term health challenge

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Increases in type 2 diabetes and associated health complications has elevated diabetes to be one of the most serious long-term health challenges facing the country.

• Over 292,000 people in NZ currently have diabetes (90% with type 2).

• Auckland has the largest proportion (the Pacific population the highest).

• Over the last ten years diabetes rates have increased from 3.57% in 2012 to 4.15% in 2021

• At this rate, 25% of Pacific people and 10.5% each of Māori and Asian people in NZ will be suffering from type 2 diabetes by 2040.

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The HOPE Programme

Through Diabetes NZ’s HOPE programme, champions support and empower people with knowledge and motivation to prevent or manage the condition through healthy lifestyle choices. HOPE reaches out to whānau to create preventative solutions, minimising the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and growing self-esteem and confidence to succeed. Diabetes NZ is specifically reaching out to individuals and families of Pacific, Māori and Indian communities through their social groups and networks.

Diabetes New Zealand is grateful to the Freemasons Foundation for support and funding to help them deliver the HOPE programme.


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