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Harbour Hospice Project now complete

Lounge with chairs and lighting

Harbour Hospice is a specialist, palliative care provider for families living in the Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and Warkworth/Wellsford communities.

The Harbour Hospice Project North Shore was a monumental project that had been years in the planning and many months in the making. The $20 million refurbishment of Harbour Hospice facility is now complete - largely thanks to financial support for the project that we received from organisations like Freemasons Foundation, without whom this project could not have been successfully realised.

All of our hospice teams are now back in the building and patients, families and whānau are using and appreciating all the extra rooms, facilities and beautiful outdoor spaces. Outpatient clinics, counselling and therapy sessions, day programmes and training in the new state-of-the-art community wing are fully up and running!

The Freemasons Foundation is proud to have been involved and want to congratulate Harbour Hospice for the successful project being undertaken during Covid 19 lockdowns and consequently completed under the most trying conditions and timeframes.


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