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In the 2022 year we supported 40 different organisations, with a spread of funds provided across community health, research, education and cultural activities.

Freemasons Fiundation Logo
Freemasons Fiundation Logo
Freemasons Fiundation Logo
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For the last ten years, health has remained at the core of the Foundation’s interests. Our support extends to medical research and community health, and our interests have now expanded to include youth programmes in higher education, arts and culture, as well as many other facets of community life.

The Freemasons Foundation brings the Masonic tradition of caring to life. The Masonic principles remain as strong as ever – and we are proud of our contribution to society.

​Freemasons Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 1956 providing financial support to organisations, artists, scientists, young minds and innovators to help improve the communities we live in.

The Freemasons Rosill Masonic Village

Our History

Charitable giving has been a part of masonic life and tradition for a long time. The first masonic Children’s Charity was founded in London back in 1788. Today we are proud to be associated with other masonic charities across this country, gifting a combined total of $3.9m in funds over the last year.


Freemasons Foundation is the trading name of the Northern Masonic Association Trust Board, a charitable trust incorporated in 1956.  The Trust Board was formed to provide the on-going operation and management support that came with the construction of the Roskill Masonic Village which opened in 1956. The Village provided aged care and was a labour of love for Freemasons of the Northern region of New Zealand. We now deliver on this spirit of caring and support for our community in an indirect, "hands-off" manner where we provide funding to support essential community activities.

Young children sitting on a hill after planting small shrubs

About Us

Mark Winger - Profile photo

​Mark Winger - Chair

​I am a senior partner in an Auckland law firm, practising in the areas of commercial law, corporate law and trusts. I am President of the New Zealand Automobile Association, and a director on its Board and joint venture companies.

I provide governance and strategic direction to a wide range of family, investment, and charitable trusts.  I have been involved in Freemasonry since 1975 and was Grand Master of Freemasons New Zealand from 2016 to 2019.

As Chair, I am proud of the range of activities undertaken by the Freemasons Foundation and the level of grants that are made each year, both of which help demonstrate Freemasonry in Action.

Jon Southwick - Profile photo

Jon Southwick 

​I have lived in Auckland for around 35 years after growing up in rural Otorohanga and then travelling extensively through Australia, Asia and America.  I have run my own Electrical Contracting business for around 30 years and am now involved in Electrical Inspection services.

I joined Irish Freemasonry in 2001 here in Auckland and am on the Freemasons Foundation Board as the Irish Constitution representative. This allows me to further expand the values and ideals that are part of the basic foundations of Freemasonry. It is an honour, and satisfying, to be on the Freemasons Foundation Board, and be able to support the Arts, various medical research projects as well as those in need within the greater Auckland area.

Mike Wyse - Profile photo

​Mike Wyse 

​Now retired, I have had an extensive career in the forest products industry, specialising in international sales and marketing, based both in New Zealand and Australia.

I have participated in a number of New Zealand Trade Missions to various countries over the years and have been an advisor, and executive, on several business and trade associations.

I have been a Freemason for 41 years and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship that it offers.
My role with the Freemasons Foundation gives me the opportunity to mix with and assist members of the educational, cultural and medical communities and participate in their activities and projects, their hopes and aspirations.

Bill Matherson - Profile photo

Bill Matheson

I began my career as a trainee telecom technician in Wellington, promoted to “travelling technician” based in Marton. 

I went into business ownership in 1975 and over the years have owned several, such as the corner dairy, partner in employment agency, food distribution, owner of several Shell service stations and now two print companies employing a total of 73 staff. I studied extramurally at Massey University for ANZIM.

Originally from the Isle of Lewis I was fortunate that my parents emigrated to Wellington and gave me the wonderful opportunity to be a Kiwi by choice, my mother lodge was Lodge Wairoa 55 NZC which I joined in 1974, I am also an affiliated member of Lodge Ponsonby 708 of the Scottish Constitution. I was made an Honorary Member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1990. It goes without saying that I love freemasonry.

Dennis Waller - Profile photo

​Dennis Waller

​Born in Wellington, I have had a career in the finance industry, transferring initially to Christchurch, and subsequently Auckland. With a partner I set up a Merchant banking firm and have more recently been involved in business advisory work.

I have been involved extensively in playing, managing and coaching sport, and have been on the board, or a trustee, for a number of charitable organisations, including the Freemasons Charity, Freemasons Foundation and Trees for Survival.

An active Rotarian for over 40 years I have been a Freemason for the last 25 years.

While having a general interest in charity, I have a particular interest in helping children as well as the environment.  In particular recent projects such as Books in Homes for Kindergarten children, Auckland Writers Festival, and Trees for Survival.

John Lukaszewicz - Profile photo

John Lukaszewicz - Trustee

Bio to come

Warren Weir - Profile photo

Warren Weir

Born in Auckland, I was raised in what was then rural Mangere and have continued to live in the same part of Auckland since. I spent seven years as a telecommunications technician specialising in Satellite Communications before joining the Police in 1974,  having served with them for almost 50 years, with over 25 years in the Prosecutions Service.


I have a passion for social justice and the betterment of society with a strong focus on the effects of poverty and unequal opportunities of life.


The Freemasons Foundation is an agency that provides support to organisations and individuals working in this area. I am proud to be a part of a team which actively supports projects for the improvement of the most vulnerable segments of New Zealand Society.

Bryce Smith - Profile photo

Bryce Smith

I am a Whanganui Chartered Accountant and have worked for myself for over 30 years.


I have a special interest in both Charitable and Non-Charitable Trusts.


I am pleased to be a Trustee of the Freemasons Foundation as it plays a valuable role in our community by supporting a diverse range of charitable activity.


I have a long history of involvement in the Arts, an area that the Foundation provides significant support to.

Judith Miller - Profile photo

Judith Miller - CE

​Growing up in Wellington, I am a Victoria University BCA graduate and a Chartered Accountant with a background in auditing.

When I joined the Foundation, it was operating an aged care facility, Roskill Masonic Village.

As Chief Executive, I have overseen a number of changes as the Foundation has developed its philanthropic activities from running an aged care facility to donating funds.

Assisting charitable entities, primarily operating in the arts, education and health sectors, to help make the world a more enjoyable place, while helping those in need, is both enjoyable and interesting.


​The Freemasons Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees and a Chief Executive
Stone working tools- hammer and cold chisel

Our Structure

Representation on the Board is made up from all the Masonic bodies that contributed to the Village’s establishment, a collaboration of all four masonic Constitutions in New Zealand - the New Zealand, English, Irish and Scottish Constitutions.


​There are ten Trustees in total, six from the New Zealand Constitution, two from the English and one each from the Irish and Scottish Constitutions – a unique show of unity amongst the masonic community of New Zealand.

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