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Trees for Survival - A greener future for all of us

Children planting trees

In the midst of a booming planting season, schools, facilitators and landowners are working together to create dynamic environments - with the whole project keenly supported by the Freemasons Foundation. Children are inspired by nature's eternal charm as seeds sprout and seedlings reach for the sky.

Schools plant around riparian margins and overland flow paths where the native plants shade and cool the water, while slowing water flow, securing land stability and providing habitat and food for native wildlife.

There are moments of sheer bliss experienced beyond the act of planting. School children and supporters alike feel the dirt beneath their fingertips, laugh with others of different ages and enjoy the vibrant and positive outcomes of every day with Trees for Survival.

The project embraces the purity of natural ecosystems, sowing seeds of transformation for a flourishing future - all with the help of the Freemasons Foundation's generous support.

Join Trees for Survival as a volunteer, exploring the realms of growth and transformation, helping New Zealand youngsters create a legacy of stewardship and sustainability.

We have a handful of further planting days in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty if there are members out of Auckland interested. Please contact us to confirm dates and locations. We can put you in touch with the Auckland Facilitators organising the planting days in each area.

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