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The Big Sing Finale

Girls singing with their hands up

The NZ Choral Federation’s Big Sing Finale took place in August at the Auckland Town Hall - a unique competition presenting 950 singers from the best secondary school choirs from all over New Zealand. Freemasons Foundation was proud to financially support this event, by contributing to the live streaming costs to enable all 8500 national competitors to see the contest in action. This is an important way for choirs who otherwise would not be able to attend Finale to learn from the music directors and choirs who made it into the finals.

Auckland Town Hall

The 2023 competition encompassed everything the Big Sing Finale promised - encouraging participation, excellence, leadership, exposure of Te Reo in song and an encouraging, supportive performance culture. The sheer enjoyment of participation, friendly support for each other’s choirs and the energy of the grand finale performances left a lasting impression.

Livestreaming is watched by Big Sing fans from all over the world and usually pulls an audience of around 67,000 views.

Girls on stage smiling with people clapping behind


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