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A successful year of community support for the Freemasons Foundation

This year has been another active one. Despite the challenges in the global financial markets and economy the Foundation managed to produce a strong return on its investments, enabling a significant contribution to community projects.

This year, the Foundation is extremely proud to have been able to donate $1,189,034 to the community, bringing our total donations over the past 16 years to $17 million.

We are pleased to be able to provide support to the community on behalf of the Freemasons of New Zealand, building upon the legacy established by our founding Trustees in 1956.

While society has undergone significant changes over the past 67 years, our focus has broadened from initially providing accommodation for the elderly to now supporting the wider community. We remain grateful for the foresight and enduring legacy left by our founding Trustees.

Among the projects we’ve supported this year is research at the University of Auckland. This includes the ongoing research into the markers of Alzheimer’s disease in sheep and studying Alzheimer’s to test for potential treatments, and studying how stem cells may contribute to women’s longer lifespans compared to men.

Additionally, we are examining the role of cerebral blood vessel health in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Throughout the year, we’ve made enhancements to the Foundation’s website to help inform our community of the various projects we have been involved in. Regular updates and accompanying Facebook posts are designed to keep you informed about our activities and beneficiaries.

The Foundation takes great pride in its ability to support registered charitable organisations that help artists, scientists, young minds and innovators make considerable contributions to improving our communities. The charts on this page outline the spread of our contributions across different areas of the community.


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