In addition to the ongoing partnership with the University of Auckland, we have provided support to the Auckland Masonic Education Foundation helping them provide individual support to Tertiary students specialising in various fields of study.

use-elinor-bmw-2Examples include Elinor Swery, who in 2013 spent seven months in Europe working with researchers at the Institute of Carbon Composites at the Technical University of Munich. Working at the cutting edge of composite materials technology, was a huge boost to her work at Auckland University for a PhD in that field of Engineering.

Elinor in Germany with a BMW i8 hybrid sports car – one of the first mass-produced cars made of composite materials



DanielChenA further example in 2014 is the winner of the Orakei Scholarship, Daniel Chen, who is studying for a PhD in bioengineering. His Doctorate study course is aimed at developing a device using artificial muscles that will adjust a person’s walking gait and thus alter joint contact forces. Osteoarthritis is a joint degenerative disease affecting 300,000 New Zealanders at an annual cost of $1.6 billion. (Photo)



The Freemasons Foundation provides administration services for the Education Foundation.

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