Our antecedents started it all. The first Masonic Children’s Charity was founded in London in 1788. In England, 85 million pounds have been donated to charities, mostly non-masonic, since 1981.

In New Zealand and around the world, Charity, the call to look after the needy and the less fortunate, is an essential focus in the lives of all Freemasons. It has always been a part of the Freemasons creed and its teachings. When Freemasons first formed Lodges here in the 1840’s their charity came with them. So it has been and so it will continue to be.

Last year, through 8,500 Freemasons in nearly 250 Lodges, various Trusts, The Freemasons Charity of New Zealand, and this Foundation, contributions to programmes of education, health and welfare were over $2 million.

We were born out of The Roskill Masonic Village, which opened in 1956. The Village was a labour of love for Freemasons of the Northern region of New Zealand. The Foundation has inherited the legacy of all those who made the effort to provide that landmark of care for our older citizens. We will not fail as we continue to fulfil their intentions.




Our Masonic Structure

Freemasons Foundation is the trading name of The Northern Masonic Association Trust Board. The Board was formed to provide the on-going operation and management support that came with the construction of The Roskill Masonic Village. Representation on the Board was made up from all the Masonic bodies that had contributed towards the Village’s establishment. They included not only the New Zealand Constitution but the English, Irish and Scottish Constitutions. This collaboration continues today. There are ten Trustees in total, seven from the New Zealand Constitution, two from the English and one each from the Irish and Scottish Constitutions – a unique show of unity amongst all parts of the Freemason community in New Zealand.

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