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EVolocity programme for kiwi youth powered up by the Freemasons Foundation.

In a new partnership, the Freemasons Foundation have stepped up to generously fund electric motor kits for the aspiring engineers and innovators of EVolocity. This funding will go a long way towards ensuring all young Kiwis have the opportunity to be part of the programme, and be empowered to reshape their future.

Freemasons Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 1956 with a long-standing history of supporting community organisations, artists, scientists, young minds and innovators to improve the communities we live in. Their dedication to make a positive impact in society has led them to embrace the EVolocity programme to invest in New Zealand’s youth. “Freemasons Foundation is delighted to support the work of EVolocity in helping to develop the next generation of engineers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs through their engaging STEM programme. We are providing help to fund the supply of electric motor kits to schools as part of their investment in the young people of New Zealand.

The work of EVolocity aligns very closely with our own mission of supporting organisations, artists, scientists, young minds and innovators to improve our communities. Our goal is to put charitable support into action – and EVolocity embodies this objective.”

– Mark Winger, Chair, Freemasons Foundation

EVolocity: The EV Programme reshaping futures

The EVolocity programme, launched in 2013, is an innovative initiative aimed at inspiring intermediate and high school-aged Kiwis into sustainable engineering while fast-forwarding New Zealand’s clean tech future. At the start of the year, teams are given electric motor kits, guidelines, inspiration, and creative freedom. Alongside their teachers and mentors, students plan, engineer, and manufacture electric karts and bikes – all with sustainability (and race day) in mind. “We are delighted Freemason Foundation trustees were so responsive to our request to fund some of the electric motor kits required for our 2024 programme. Their generous moral and financial support will have great impact, helping remove the financial barrier to participation for many of our young innovators.” -Jo Morgan, Head of Partnerships, EVolocity Together, we look forward to making a difference to even more young kiwis in 2024.


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