July 28, 2015

We’re helping get ‘wanderers’ home

Many of us have personal experience, or at least are aware, of the worry and stress caused to families and carers when those with cognitive impairment ‘wander’! The Foundation has made a grant to The WanderSearch Charitable Trust who work closely with the police and search & rescue groups to locate and return wanderers.

Our funds will be used to provide special tracking equipment so that wanderers can be more quickly found and returned to their place of residence. Signal devices emitting a special frequency pulse are worn by the impaired attached to clothing or by pendants, wrist band or keyring. The signals can then be detected electronically.

We are so deeply immersed through scientific research into the brain diseases commonly the reason among older folk for this condition , it seemed like a very useful way we could offer practical help in the everyday world.

WanderSearch Auckland collects relevant information to aid in searching – appearance, age, mobility, favourite places, medical conditions, previous wandering history etc. This data is also kept on the Police database should they need to be called in.

The programme is currently operating in 36 areas around New Zealand. Search & Rescue volunteers manage the program and conduct the searches in most areas.

The devices are not charged for but WanderSearch suggests a donation to help offset costs.

If you have connections with a person living with a cognitive impairment who has the potential to wander from their place of residence, you should contact WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust and enquire about this service :

Email – aucklandwandersearch@gmail.com or Tel – 09 480 4448 / 027 230 5165 and leave a message.


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