June 30, 2015

Macular Degeneration – take the test!

One in seven New Zealanders over fifty are affected by macular degeneration.  Every hour 171 people turn fifty and join the at-risk group. And early detection and early intervention to prevent sight loss is the aim of Macular Degeneration New Zealand the support group Freemasons Foundation continues to help in their quest to bring this danger to the attention of our older communities.

MDNZ is a charitable organisation and has no Government or outside help. Each year it provides information, education, support and advice to thousands of people. Their 2014 publicity programme, for which we gave our aid, produced four times as many calls to the free 0800 SAVE SIGHT HELPLINE as in 2013 and provided12 education and treatment seminars in 10 locations around New Zealand with over 1500 people attending.  A further 900 people attended 17 community presentations. And all received a comprehensive pack about MD.

2015 Education and Treatment Seminars

The 2015 free Education and Treatment seminars started in June but a number are yet to run and may be of interest to readers in those areas. The seminars are led by a local Ophthalmologist and are aimed at both those with and without MD, their families and local health professionals. Low vision aids and equipment will be available to view.

18 July
29 July
12 August
12 Sept
13 Sept
10am – 11.30am
10am – 11.30am
10am – 11.30am
10am – 11.30am
2pm – 3.30pm

Free Phone 0800 622 852 or email info@mdnz.org.nz to register attendance as capacity may be limited.

What is Macular Degeneration (MD)?

The macula is the centralpart of the retina, the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. The retina processes all visual images. It is responsible for your ability to read, recognise faces, drive and see colours clearly. You are reading this using your macula. Macular Degeneration (MD) causes progressive loss of central vision but peripheral vision is not affected.



         SAVE SIGHT HELPLINE   O800  622  852

               Take the test at www.mdnz.org.nz

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